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Compare all the great outdoor power equipment products we sell! 

Sprinkler Supplies

Pond Supplies

14 Gauge Steel Landscape Edging

Commercial Quality Landscape Fabric


Zero Turn Mowers

 Trimmers, Blowers, Edgers & Chainsaws

Grills, Smokers, Rubs, Sauces & Accessories

2017 Models Are Here!

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Gravely Commercial Zero Turns with  all new

Yamaha EFI Engines!

Big Dog Logo TROOPER

Grasshopper High Lift Catcher -Dump from the seat!

 Greenmaster Jirdon Fertilizer in stock at The Water Shed!

Lawn Magic! Assures a green lawn in the spring!

Jirdon Greenmaster FertilizerJirdon Weed and Feed

Accelerator Grass Catchers available at The Water Shed

Accelerator Catcher

Accelerator Grass Catcher

Come in or call for pricing on a catcher to fit your make and model

Grasshopper 14,000 hours and going strong!


Raven MPV

     Starting at $2,499!

With a 46” mowing deck, cruise control, a 17 mph transport speed and a top mowing speed of 6 mph you can tackle your yard in record time. Add in the tight 14” turning radius and the 7100 watt built-in generator and you’ll be maneuvering around trees, rocks and other obstacles to bring power wherever you need it.

Green Mountain Grills in Stock on Sale!

Davy Crocket WIFI $349
Daniel Boone Black $549
Daniel Boone Black WIFI $676
Jim Bowie Black $724
Jim Bowie Black WIFI $899

Smoking Pellets on Sale!

LumberJack & Pacific Pellets 20# Bags Buy 4 for $48 ($12/Bag)
Green Mountain Pellets 28# Bags Buy 3 for $48 ($16/Bag)
Cookin Pellet Perfect Mix 40# Bags $30
Cookin Pellets 100% Hickory $33

It's time to start planning your Summer sprinkler or pond project! We help you with planning and provide super pricing on project packages. Stop in and plan your project today!

New sprinkler, renovate your existing or plan to extend your system

Pondless water feature, waterfall or stream

In Stock Now!Echo Shindiawa

Big Dog Mowers

BlackJack Model In Stock

Pond Perfect

Control Pond Algae and Foul Smells Safely!

Pond Perfect

Learn how Pond Perfect controls Algae and leaves your pond clean and smelling good!

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Grasshopper MowerBig Dog MowerAriens MowerRaven MowerGravely Mower

DolmarRedMaxCore Outdoor PowerTanaka

Dixon MowerToro MowerBriggs & StrattonKawasaki Engines

Kohler EnginesHonda EnginesHydro Gear

Swisher MowersEchoShindiawa

Why buy from The Water Shed or any other great small independent American family owned 'brick and mortar' store when I can buy it cheaper online? 

I'll tell you why right here......

ButtRubKiller Hogs Rub & SauceJohn Henry Rubs & Sauces.....

Killer HogsJohn HenryButt Rub 

Smoked Turkey

Hand Tools at The Water Shed

Hand Tools at The Water Shed in Fort Collins

Green Mountain Grill

Call for availability and store specials!

Davy CrocketDavy Crocket (Portable) - $349

Daniel Boone (Mid Size) - $599 Daniel Boone

Jim Bowie Jim Bowie (Jumbo) - $799

* WiFi Models Available at Additional Cost

Use those Store Credits at the time of purchase on:


Killer Hogs * Smoked Mac and Cheese!

'To die for'!


Wood Pellets * Best prices ever - Sale going on right now at The Water Shed

Pacific Gourmet Pellets Pacific Pellets 7 Flavors

Pacific Gourmet Smoking Pellets 20# Bag

$13.99/Bag * Buy 4 at $11.99 * Buy 10 at $9.99!

Cookin Pellets 40#Cookin Pellets 40#

Cookin Pellets Perfect Mix 40# Bag

29.99/Bag * Buy 4 at $27.99!

Entrepreneurs and their small enterprises are responsible for almost all the economic growth in the United States.

President Ronald Reagan

Big Dog Mowers at The Water Shed

Big Dog Mowers are family owned, built in Kansas. That makes them American Made! The Water Shed proudly represents a family owned, American made product and you will be proud owning one!


Big Dog Blackjack with Electric Lift

CORE Outdoor Power Equipment on SALE!

 Core Outdoor Power

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 Sheffield Financial 

Green Mountain Grills Starting at $359

Green Mountain Grill Goes WI-FI!

 See App User Guide Here

Pacific Gourmet Pellets

Pacific Gourmet BBQ Hardwood Pellets -  20# Bag - 7 Flavors

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Get 4 for $11.99 Each!

Ariens Razor

Ariens Razor Mower $399

$399     Davy Crocket TailgatorGreen Mountain

'Davy Crocket Grill/Smoker'

with Cover



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Amazing pond illumination! 

Grasshopper Mowers 


Grasshopper Mower


Green Mountain Premium Hardwood Pellets - $18.99/28# Bag

Join The Water Shed Plus Club

Buy 4 - Save $1/Bag * Buy 10 - Save $2/Bag

Green Mountain Premium Hardwood Pellets

Cookin' Pellets Perfect Mix - $29.99/40# Bag

The Shop Is Open!

Lawn Mower Repair * Trimmer Repair * Snowblower

Blower Repair * Pickup & Delivery

COOKIN PELLETS - 100% Hardwood 

Cookin Pellets

This is our EXCLUSIVE mix of the most popular hardwoods used today. Hickory, Cherry, Hard Maple & Apple.
Making a smooth smoke flavor, not as heavy as Hickory and not as light as Apple. A great everyday Mix at a GREAT price!
Still no lesser grade woods used! Just 100% top Hardwoods!




 Sprinkler / Pond - Help for

the Do It Yourselfer

Bring in your plat or landscape design and we will help you design your sprinkler or pond project and provide you with a price quote for the parts needed to complete your project. All for free and no obligation!


"The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: 'I'm from the government and I'm here to help.'"

President Ronald Reagan


“If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.” — Barack Obama

 Let History Be The Judge

Over the last 15 months, we've traveled to every corner of the United States. I've now been in 57 states? I think one left to go.
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Over the last 15 months, we've traveled to every corner of the United States. I've now been in 57 states? I think one left to go.

Barack Obama

Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/b/barackobam409147.html#BzqSE736TIJY7wJj.99 

Over the last 15 months, we've traveled to every corner of the United States. I've now been in 57 states? I think one left to go.

Barack Obama

Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/b/barackobam409147.html#BzqSE736TIJY7wJj.99 

Over the last 15 months, we've traveled to every corner of the United States. I've now been in 57 states? I think one left to go.

Barack Obama

Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/b/barackobam409147.html#BzqSE736TIJY7wJj.99 

14 Gauge Commercial Quality Steel Edging and Landscape Fabric!

In Stock

Get ready for Spring!  Lawn Mower Service

 Our service shop is up and running! Pickup and Delivery. Quick turnaround!

Gravely Pro Stance

Stand - On Commercial Mower


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Green Mountain Grills


Green Mountain Grill

Green Mountain Grills and Accessories


Pellets, Rubs, Sauces and More!

Prices too low to publish! 



  Scheffield Financial 
Financing available for Hiniker, SnowEx, Ariens, Gravely, Grasshopper, Toro and others. Check Sheffield site for details 

Do you buy Online and at the Big Box Stores?

Do you Save A Lot? - Or Not?

Are you getting the best value?

Have you become an expert studying the internet?

If you needed open heart surgery would you hire your next door neighbor

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When you buy your mower or trimmer at the Big Box

Who is going to fix it when it won't start?

You Might be surprised!

Your local small business has so much to offer!

Please give us a chance to earn your business!


SnowSport Snow Plow


Starting at $844

 Hiniker Snow Plows & Spreaders

Hiniker Snow Plows and Sanders

New and Used Snow Blowers In Stock!

Ariens and Toro

SnowSport Plows for Homeowners




SnowSport ATVSnowSort JeepSnowSport HustlerSnowSport Dixon




Black Line Plows

BlackLine Plow


Ecclesiastes 12:13

Hiniker Snowplow

Hiniker Snow Plow

Hiniker Scoop Plows are Northern Colorado's Favorite!

Hiniker Scoop

All New Hiniker Lightweight Torsion Trip V Plow!

Hiniker Torsion Trip V Plow

800# - 8 1/2' or 9 1/2' Width - Lower Price!

Kage Systems - Amazing!



All skidsteer models in stock now!

6' * 8' * 9' * 10'

Snow Blower Full Service Special - $65!

Just tell us you saw this on our website!

Snowplow for your SUV, ATV, UTV

or Zero Turn Mower!

SnowSport Snow Plows

The Water Shed Installs Snowplows!


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BlackLine Snow Plows



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Snow Pushers for Skidsteers, Backhoes & Loaders

Northern Colorado - Southern Wyoming

Fort Collins, Greeley, Loveland, Longmont, Laramie & Cheyenne

Advantage Snow Pusher Advantage Snow Pusher for Loader

Call Dave for Pricing and Availability at 970-686-6425

Serving Fort Collins, Windsor, Greeley, Loveland & Cheyenne

Northern Colorado , Southern Wyoming & South West Nebraska!

Mowers - Snow Plows * Sales, Service & Repairs

We were honored that Ariens President Dan Ariens

 visited our store recently!

Dan Ariens visits The Water Shed Inc

Dan Ariens, President of Ariens Company pictured with

 Water Shed  co-owner Dave Barnett &

 Jusin Winters, service manager

Arien EFI - The First EFI Snowblower


Toro Snowmaster Single Stage 724 & 824

Buy your new snowblower at The Water Shed for 'Big Box' prices!

Your machine will be set up, fuel with ethenol free gas, warranty registered and loaded in your vehicle! Plus

The Water Shed is an authorized Toro Service Dealer. Our customers always go to the front of the line for warranty and service!


In Stock!

Snow Shovels

Commercial Snow Pushers by Bigfoot, Wolverine, Structon, Seymour and 'The Snow Plow'


Hiniker Tailgate Stainless Steel Spreader

The Hiniker Stainless Steel Tailgate Spreader


 Provides optimum control for material spreading applications. The specially designed auger system prevents material from dribbling and leaking through the spreader when the motor is stopped. Two capacity options are available to meet specific application needs. Stainless steel construction and durable design mean reliability and performance season after season.
•High-quality brushed-finish 304 stainless steel hoppers in 6 and 10 Cubic foot capacities.
• “No-Dribble” bubble auger design means the flow stops when the auger stops.
•Superior design, construction, and components in a contractor-duty spreader.

Ariens Snow Blower at The Water Shed 

Ariens and Toro Snowblowers in Stock

Why buy your Snow Blower from The Water Shed?

* Competitive prices - check us out

* Your money stays right here in Northern Colorado as we are a small family business!

* We are your authorized sales and service dealer so we have access to all models and parts

The Water Shed is your full service dealer. We not only set up your new machine but we provide warranty service

as well as repair service on your machine for many years to come. These quality units last a long time!

You have reserved a slot in the front of the line for service

If you  repair yourself we have your parts!

* We care! We appreciate your patronage!

Why not buy your Snow Blower from The Big Box?

* No savings on initial purchase

* Machine comes to you in a box or with pieces missing & in need of adjustments

* No service or parts

* You have not reserved a slot in the front of the line for service

* You money leaves the local economy

Hiniker Torsion Trip V Plow at The Water Shed in Fort Collins, CO.

Introducing New Hiniker Commercial Snowplows for 2016! 

Hiniker Torsion Trip V Plow at The Water Shed in Fort Collins, CO.

The all new Hiniker Torsion Trip Scoop Plow and the Torsion Trip V Plow - Keeping Hiniker Northern Colorado's Favorite Snow Plow!


Kage Units Arrive at The Water Shed in Fort Collins

Get yours now!

A Load of Kage Systems

Snow & Ice Equipment

Hiniker Snowplows & Sanders at The Water Shed in Fort CollinsKage Pushers at The Water Shed in Fort CollinsSnowEx Snowplows & Sanders at The Water Shed in Fort CollinsSaltDogg Sanders & Spreaders at The Water ShedBlack Line Snowplows at The Water Shed in Fort Collins

SnowEx UTV V-Plow

'The Snow Plow'

The Snow GraderThe Snow Plow LogoThe Snow Plow

In Stock at The Water Shed now!

The SnowPlow Snow Pushers are a top quality product built with the commercial users needs in mind. There is always the right tool for the right job. If you are looking to quickly clear large areas from several inces of snow we have the right tool. 

Sidewalks, Steps, WoodDecks, Patios, and Aggregate & Stone surfaces usually create a challange. Not with a lighweight, rust free, non abrasive, indestructable snow pusher.

Our product is built with a formed 1/4" thick UHMW poly blade available in widths upto 48" wide. The typical commercial user will get 2-4 seasons of extreme use out of our blades before they need replaced. A homeowner typically uses an individual shovel for 10 years plus.

All of our parts are assembled with a simple bolt together construction. This allows the user to replace any of the parts if that becomes neccesary or if you decide to replace blades after a few seasons you could choose a larger or smaller size blade to better fit your needs.

Our product has been put to the test. From the largest contractors to the single plow truck our product is built for the abuse of the season.

Don't be afraid to chop with it!

King James Version (KJV)

 Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.


My website is evolving as I get the time to build it. Please forgive me in advance for the dead ends that you might encounter. Come to the store and I'll give you a bag of popcorn and a handful of peanuts! I'll show you that I'm better at providing your lawn and garden needs than building websites! 

Dave Barnett, your storekeeper.